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A Halloween Playlist You Can Actually Jam To

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

I'm in a Halloween state of mind 365 days a year, baby. My room decor is composed of tarot-themed wall art and crystal lamps, any and all things witchy. I keep my tampons in a coffin and I'm not kidding. 

Because of my certified obsession with all things spoopy, I've been on many a quest to find playlists to get me into the right mood, and I'm not talking about "Time Warp" and "Monster Mash". While "I've Put A Spell on You" is a classic and everyone loves to jump around to "Thriller", these aren't the kind of creepy jams I'm looking to listen to in my car or during a pre-game party on Halloween night. I'm talking modern music, stuff you actually enjoy listening to but puts a chill down your spine. 

Look no further because I've done all the work for you. You're welcome. 

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